Sketch-folio is your design team’s one stop shop for flat sketching. Current trend savvy sketches (updated weekly), swatches, brushstrokes and more!

We know you have deadlines and need quality, time sensitive sketches.  All of our files are sketched in Adobe illustrator – the workhorse of our industry.  We know how designers work and how they like their sketches: clean, grouped, strokes and fills, easy to manipulate, easy to use brushes and swatches.

What you receive in a download:

  • Time saved
  • Current silhouettes so you can customize them quickly with YOUR brand and YOUR colors, prints etc.
  • A zip file with: Adobe illustrator file in CS3 with the necessary brushes and swatches, a “thumbnail”.png file (250 pixels x 250 pixels)

Custom orders:

We also offer custom sketches with a 24 hour turn around (with approval, depending on current demand and how many sketches you need at once). See our Contact Form for custom orders here.

System Requirements:

Adobe Illustrator CS3 or higher for Macintosh or Windows operating systems.  Contact us if you would like any other type of custom format for your needs here.


We are:

A team of designers and merchandisers with decades of professional design and merchandising experience in working at many top retail and manufacturers, located in southern California.